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    Access Control Flap Gate

    Use of the access control flap gate accelerates pedestrian flow in high-traffic pedestrian access situation, office building, banks, VIP areas in sports arenas..etc. Access control flap gate uses the detection of the infrared sensors and the speed of the gate to provide secure, effective and rapid access control to prevent tailgating and intrusion.

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    Electronic Article Surveillance

    A diverse range of intelligent sensors for your shops; these smart devices prevent shoplifting and theft. Hassle-free retail loss prevention is now just a click away!

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    Intrusion Detection

    Secure your homes, schools, and offices with a wide range of products that we offer. Boundary Protection is a must for large houses, schools, colleges and commercial spaces. Sit back and relax while ProtectionKart secures your perimeter from thieves, criminals, and miscreants.

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    Protection Kart offers complete security solutions for your commercial space because we know your business is important to you.

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