You must make the same sacrifice for your business as you would for a little baby. You save in advance, pull in your belt and sacrifice until the child is on his or her own” - Kate Wendleton.

Protection Kart offers complete security solutions for your commercial space because we know your business is important to you.


Lobbies and entrances are the most frequented areas in any commercial space, and therefore, demand failure proof surveillance and quality video analytics.


Cameras that provide 360-degree viewing and heat map functions cater ideally to shopping areas. Our security solutions guarantee that no suspicious activity takes place in malls, shops, and showrooms.


Boundary Protection and 24x7 surveillance provided by our technologically advanced products ensure that no hazardous activities take place in shopping complexes and other commercial spaces.


Only authenticated users can use the cash machines hence securing your cash from theft.


Warehouses are the most targeted places in commercial spaces for thieves and criminals. Surveillance is a must for warehouses to safeguard your inventory.