Children are the future of the nation. Making sure the future of India is safe and sound is our top priority. Protection Kart offers complete security solutions for schools, colleges and other educational centres.


Since libraries are open spacious areas, security solutions for libraries include high definition cameras that provide a panoramic view of the entire space. These surveillance systems cover every nook and cranny and ensure the safety of your children.


Intelligent cameras provide video analytics facilities like people counting, unattended object detection, and movement detection. Installing such cameras would automatically turn learning areas into a smart and efficient zone.


Playgrounds should have a zero-tolerance policy for intruders and mischief makers. Boundary Protection and 24x7 surveillance provided by our technologically advanced products ensure that no hazardous activities take place in school grounds and recreational areas.


Parking areas demand outdoor monitoring in low light conditions, and our products serve exactly that. To add to this, advanced softwares provide parking space availability management and other security solutions that cater to all your needs.


Number Plate Recognition technology guarantees access of only authorised vehicles in the campus. Biometrics in classrooms and faculty blocks also serve the purpose of authenticated access control. Our products make sure only trusted entities are present in your campus.