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ESSL C3 400 (Multidoor Access Controller System)

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ESSL C3 400 (Multidoor Access Controller System)

256 time Zones, 256 access levels

Anti-passback function, Interlock function, Linkage function, Multi-Card Opening function Remote door opening and closing

4 auxiliary input can be connected to infrared body detectors, Fire Panel/smoke detectors etc.

4 auxiliary output can be connected to alarms/siron, Light indicator, door bells etc.

Data is preserved if power is lost, Controller continues to operate if data connection is interrupted Alarms and Events

Noti cations through Email using Web Application

Supports Video Integration & Visitor Management Module using Web Application.

Card Capacity : 30,000 | Log Events Capacity : 1,00,000

CPU : 32bit 400 MHz | RAM : 32MB | Flash Memory : 128 MB

Communication : RS485, TCP/IP, WiFi Optional

Numbers of readers supported : 12 (8 RS-485 Reader,4 26-bit wiegand reader) Types of readers supported : 26-bit Wiegand (others upon request) , RS- 485 Number of Inputs : 12 (4 Exit Device, 4 Door Sensor, 4 AUX)

Number of Outputs : 8 (4-Form C Relay for Lock and 4-From C Relay for Aux Output) Available : 1 Door , 2 Door

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