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Texecom TXIGBB0003 (Wireless Glass Break Detector)

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Texecom TXIGBB0003 (Wireless Glass Break Detector)

IMPAQ PLUS-W White (866MHz)
- Vibration Sensor Cum Magnetic Contact, designed to detect, the vibrations caused by an intruder attempting to force an entry, or the opening of a door or window

Application: Ideal for houses, offices, restaurants etc. having glass windows.

– Imapaq Plus-W Mesh Technology Wireless Vibration Sensor and Wireless Magnetic Contact.
– Complete Sensitivity Adjustment.#
– Typical 2 to 3 year Battery Life.
– Wall and Cover Tamper,2 Year Warranty.
– Built in Repeater.

should never be mounted on any metal surface (aluminium etc)

please contact tech support or texecom for an alternate solution with Optex wireless compatible sensors for aluminium/metal window door frames.

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