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Texecom TXIGES0010/TXIKIT0016 (Wireless Kit)

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Texecom TXIGES0010/TXIKIT0016 (Wireless Kit)

All Texecom wireless kits are based on the Premier Elite 48 platform, offering up to 32 Ricochet enabled wireless zones in wireless, self-contained and hybrid panel formats. Compatible with the latest Premier Elite mobile apps and Premier Elite ComWiFi connectivity, each Premier Elite Wireless Kit provides scalability and design flexibility.

• Includes Premier Elite 48-W Live Front Wireless Panel (866MHz)

• One Wireless Magnetic Contact TXIGBC0004

• One Wireless Pet Immune PIR TXIGBK0003

• One Premier Elite ComGSM (Internal) TXICEG0005 for GSM Connectivity

Premier Elite 48-W Live Front Wireless Panel (TXIGES0004)

- 4 on-board hardwired zones + 32 wireless zones

- Onboard Keypad with LCD - 4 Areas/Partitions. 500 Event Logs

- Plug on PSTN/GSM module for alarm communication to CMS and user

- Plug on Com-IP module with Android/Ios Apps (smartphone control)

- Tough Polycarbonate Construction

- Remote Programming and Maintenance Software

Features of GSM Communicator (Internal) (TXICEG0005)

- Alarm notification through Call (No voice) + SMS

- Area and Zone Wise Alarms through SMS

- Arm/Disarm/Bypass/Control Outputs through SMS

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